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As the visionary responsible for the strategic direction for your portfolio, enterprise-level security, generating cost savings, and increasing asset value are always top-of-mind. With Intelligent Riser, you can achieve all of these and more.

How Intelligent Riser Benefits You

Proven Platform Icon

Intelligent Riser is a proven platform.

Intelligent Riser is installed in hundreds of premier office buildings in top US markets. Our experienced management team has a proven track record in both commercial real estate and managed networks for base building systems. Intelligent Riser is a division of Montgomery Technologies. Established in 2003, Montgomery Technologies is a leading professional services firm specializing in the integration of technology and commercial real estate.

Enterprise Level Security Icon

Intelligent Riser provides enterprise-level security.

Centralizing building systems on a secure, IP-based backbone protects the network from the threat of hackers and allows 24x7x365 comprehensive monitoring and crisis prevention.

Save Capex Opex Icon

Intelligent Riser saves CAPEX and OPEX.

Intelligent Riser ensures that all future building solutions are connected, secured and monitored, saving CAPEX and OPEX in cabling and implementation costs.

Smart Choice Icon

Intelligent Riser is the SMART choice.

Intelligent Riser is the Smart Building Platform that enables secure connections for any base building system, including all Smart Building solutions. Pursuing a Smart Building strategy, with Intelligent Riser at the core ensures value creation, enhances efficiency, and reduces CAPEX and OPEX year after year.

Transfer Of Base Building Systems Icon

Intelligent Riser facilitates asset dispositions.

Intelligent Riser is an asset that runs with the building, eliminating the headaches and liability of disconnecting certain systems and leaving others in place. With the Intelligent Riser, the transfer of base building systems is now a quick and painless process.

Trusted Partner Icon

Intelligent Riser is a trusted partner.

Our decades-long position as an “Owners Rep” ensures that the solutions you implement are proven and successful. Because we work with everyone in the industry, we have a remarkably deep knowledge and understanding of systems, providers, and solutions, and the ability to share that experience with you.