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Intelligent Riser.
The Smart Building Platform.

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The most secure, most installed building systems network in the world.

About Intelligent Riser

Secure. Proven. Affordable.

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Your building is secure. But how secure are your building's systems?

Proactive Monitoring

Over 35,000 BMS systems are wide open to cyber criminals right now. Is yours one of them?

Stay Protected

Intelligent Riser

Connected and Protected

The Smart Building Platform

Providing enterprise-level security and centralized 24x7x365 monitoring of your base building systems, resulting in unprecedented security, connectivity, and control.

Your Smart Building starts with Intelligent Riser


Right now, over 35,000 BMS systems are wide open to hackers. Intelligent Riser solves this problem with a secure, monitored network for your base building systems.


Intelligent Riser is installed in hundreds of premier office buildings in top US markets. Our experienced management team has a proven track record in both commercial real estate and managed networks for base building systems. Intelligent Riser is a division of Montgomery Technologies, a leading professional services firm specializing in the integration of technology and commercial real estate.


Intelligent Riser provides the common infrastructure for your future expansions and upgrades. Once building systems are connected, not only can they communicate with each other for advanced functionality, but our Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and maintains them, giving you access to technical and network support when you need it.